Material Covered Grade 8 – Quarter 2                                                                              Chapter 3: Equations in Two Variables Lesson 1 Constant Rate of Change Lesson 2 Slope Lesson 3 Equations…


Charles Dickens’ novella A Christmas Carol Literary Elements- Symbolism Quiz Fixing run-on sentences- continue   

q2-w6-arabic g8

المحتوى الأسبوعى  القراءة : طيار مقاتل مرة أخرى ،نصر أكتوبر العظيم النحو : التوكيد القصة : الفصل الخامس والفصل السادس 

q2-w6-Religion g8

المحتوى الأسبوعى  الدرس : العباس بن عبدالمطلب

Q2_W6_German _Grade 8

1-Stundenplan 2-Was brauchst du in ………………….? 3-Was ist dein Lieblingsfach ? / Was magst du nicht ?

Q2 W6 Earth Science G 8

lesson: Thunderstorms and sever weather ( lighting and thunder) lesson: Thunderstorms and sever weather ( tornadoes and hurricanes ) online quiz  please check the PPT,…


Lesson 6  Write Linear Equations ( Extra Practice) Lesson 7 Solve Systems of Equations by Graphing Lesson 8 Solve Systems of Equations Algebraically (to be continued) Assignment: Booklet…


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