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Topics Included in Quarter 1 Project



G 11

Counting Atoms / Arrangement of Electrons in Atoms/ The Periodic Law/ Chemical Bonding/ Chemical Formulas and Chemical Compounds/ Chemical Equations and Chemical Reactions/ Stoichiometry.


G 10

Matter and Changes/ /Atoms: The Building Block of Matter/ Arrangement of Electrons in Atoms/ The Periodic Law/ Chemical Bonding


Criteria required to accept the project:

1. Each student must do the research required from him individually and not within a group.

2. The student conducts a research related to one of the first quarter topics and submits it as power point presentation (PPT) through the school site (LMS).

3. The number of slides shouldn’t be less than 10 slides.

4. The research should contain information that have been explained to him by the teacher, in addition to a new and external information related to the topic.

5. Researches will be rejected if there is any match between them.6. The deadline for submitting the research will be on Sunday the 22nd of November.Good Luck  



Dr. Souzan Ghoneim

Dr. Souzan Ghoneim


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