Grade 7 – Quarter 2

Chapter 2: Precent

Lesson 1 Percent of a Number

Lesson 3 The Percent Proportion

Lesson 4 The Percent Equation

Lesson 5 Percent of Change

Lesson 6 Sales Tax, Tips, and Markup

Lesson 7 Discount


Chapter 4: Rational Numbers

Lesson 1 Terminating and Repeating Decimals

Lesson 2 Compare and Order Rational Numbers

Lesson 3 Add and Subtract Like Fractions

Lesson 4 Add and Subtract Unlike Fractions

Lesson 5 Add and Subtract Mixed Numbers

Lesson 6 Multiply Fractions

Lesson 8 Divide Fractions

Ms. Dina Abdel Aziz

Ms. Dina Abdel Aziz


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