Material Covered Grade 8 – Quarter 2                                                                             

Chapter 3: Equations in Two Variables

Lesson 1 Constant Rate of Change

Lesson 2 Slope

Lesson 3 Equations in y = mx Form

Lesson 4 Slope-Intercept Form

Lesson 5 Graph a Line Using Intercepts

Lesson 6 Write Linear Equations

Lesson 7 Solve Systems of Equations by Graphing

Lesson 8 Solve Systems of Equations Algebraically


Chapter 4: Functions

Lesson 1 Represent Relationships

Lesson 2 Relations

Lesson 3 Functions

Lesson 4 Linear Functions Make a Table

Lesson 5 Compare Properties of Functions

Lesson 7 Linear and Nonlinear Functions

Ms. Dina Abdel Aziz

Ms. Dina Abdel Aziz


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