Chapter 7

Lesson 7-3    Similarity and Transformations

Lesson 7-4    Properties of a Polygon

Lesson 7-5    Similar Triangles and Indirect Measurement

Lesson 7-6   Slope and Similar Triangles

Lesson 7-7   Area and Perimeter of Similar Figures


Chapter 8

Lesson 8-1      Volume of Cylinders

Lesson 8-2     Volume of Cones

Lesson 8-3     Volume of Spheres

Lesson 8-4     Surface Area of Cylinders

Lesson 8-5     Surface Area of Cones

Lesson 8-6    Changes in Dimensions


Chapter 9

Lesson 9-1    Scatter Plots

Lesson 9-4  Descriptive Statistics

Lesson 9-5  Measures of Variation

Ms. Dina Abdel Aziz

Ms. Dina Abdel Aziz


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