quarter 3 material covered grade 9 Math (Exam Material)

  • M14 L1: Understanding Geometric Sequences
  • M14 L2: Constructing Geometric Sequences
  • M14 L3: Constructing Exponential Functions
  • M14 L4: Graphing Exponential Functions
  • M14 L5: Transforming Exponential Functions
  • M15 L1: Using Graphs and Properties to Solve Equations with Exponents
  • M15 L2: Modeling Exponential Growth and Decay
  • M16 L1: Segment Length and Midpoints
  • M16 L2: Angle Measures and Angle Bisectors
  • M16 L3: Representing and describing transformations
  • M17 L1: Translation
  • M17 L2: Reflection
  • M17 L3: Rotation
  • M18 L1: Sequences of Transformations
  • M18 L2: Proving Figures Are Congruent Using Rigid Motions
  • M18 L3: Corresponding Parts of Congruent Figures Are Congruent
  • M20 L1: Exploring What Makes Triangles Congruent
  • M20 L2: ASA Triangle Congruence
  • M20 L3: SAS Triangle Congruence
  • M20 L4: SSS Triangle Congruence
  • M19 L1: Angles Formed by Intersecting Lines
  • M19 L2: Transversals and Parallel Lines
  • M19 L3: Proving lines are parallel
Mr. Haitham Ahmad

Mr. Haitham Ahmad


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