Quarter 4 – Business- Material cover ( Data, project )

Material cover


Business * Quarter 4 * year 2021


1- What are the six reasons for creating a financial plan 

2- Budgeting and Financial forecast 

3- Managing business finances 

4- why accounting is important 

5- The accounting equation; explaining and balancing assets , liabilities and equity 


B* Project required components

1- Showing your understanding and solve the 15 question MCQ (PDF Deliver) Question 1

2- Showing your understanding of the basic accounting financial terms by solving the accounting equation problem Question 2

3 – Showing your understanding for the budget , financial plans and forecast by solving the 4 essay questions Question 3 
        NB:  you can use the internet to get patterns of the financial statement plan to explain its components


Deadline :       (  1:15 PM * 16th-June-2021  ) 



Mr. Bassem Rouchdy

Mr. Bassem Rouchdy


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