Quarter 4 – Economics- Material cover ( Data and project )

Material cover


Quarter 4 *  Economics *  Year: 2021



A*  PDF Data 

1- Economics Introduction 


2-  Production possibility frontier  ( PPF)    


3- Application  “Increasing marginal cost and decreasing marginal benefit” 


4- Absolute Advantage and the Comparative Advantage  


5- Trade off and trade terms applications


 B* Project components

1- Words Bank question 

2- True or false question

3- MCQ question number1  (No justification required for the answer)

4- MCQ question number2 (justification is required for each answer)

5-  Marginal cost MC   and   Marginal benefit MB question ( graph question )


Deadline :       (  1:15 PM * 16th-June-2021  ) 


Mr. Bassem Rouchdy

Mr. Bassem Rouchdy


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