Q2_ W6_Chemistry_G10

Chapter 10/State of Matter (Kinetic Molecular Theory of Matter /Kinetic Molecular Theory of Gases/ Properties of Gases) H. W/Interactive on the lms 

Q2 _ W6_Chemistary_G11

Chapter 14/Acids and Bases. (Acids Nomenclature /Acids and Bases Properties/Acids and Bases Theories) H. W/Interactive on the lms. 

Q2_ W5_Chemistry_G10

Chapter 8/Chemical Equations and Reactions. (Types of Chemical Reactions) H.W/Interactive on the LMS.

Q2 _ W5_Chemistary_G11

Chapter 13/Ions in Aqueous Solutions and Colligative Properties (Compounds in Aqueous Solutions – Colligative Properties of Solutions) H.W/Interactive on the LMS.

Q2 _ W4_Chemistry_G11

Chapter 12/Solutions. (sec 2/The Solution Process) (Factors affecting the solubility / Solubility definition / The solvent-solute interactions / The effects of temperature and pressure on…

Q2_ W4_Chemistry_G10

Chapter 7/Chemical Equations and Reactions. (Chemical reactions /Physical signs of chemical reactions /Chemical equations /Significance of chemical equations/ Balancing chemical equations) 

Q2_ W3_Chemistry_G10

Chapter 7/Chemical Formulas and Chemical Compounds Oxidation numbers/Naming Chemical Compounds by Using the Oxidation Numbers. H.W/Interactive on the LMS. 

Q2 _ W3_Chemistry_G11

Chapter 10/States of Matter (sec. 5)  Water/Structure of Water/Properties of Water. Chapter 11/Gases. Gases Laws/ Boyle’s Law/Charles Law/Gay Lussac’s Law. H.W/Interactive on the LMS.


Chapter 7/Chemical Formulas and Chemical Compounds. Chemical Formulas/ Binary Ionic Compounds/Binary Covalent Compounds. H.W/ Interactive on the LMS Note/ A quiz will be held every…


Chapter 10/State of Matter (Sec. 4/Changes of States) Possible Changes of Matter/Equilibrium Vapor Pressure/ Boiling Point/ Reactions Equilibrium/ Phase Diagram. H.W/Interactive on the lMS Note/…


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