Grade 7 – Quarter 2 Chapter 2: Precent Lesson 1 Percent of a Number Lesson 3 The Percent Proportion Lesson 4 The Percent Equation Lesson…


Material Covered Grade 8 – Quarter 2                                                                              Chapter 3: Equations in Two Variables Lesson 1 Constant Rate of Change Lesson 2 Slope Lesson 3 Equations…


Les animaux domestiques et sauvages(sheet on Lms) Est-ce que tu as un animal a la maison ?Lequel?Decris-le. Si tu n’as pas , dis quel animal…


La description physique ( sheet on Lms)  Bouquin p. 70, 72 Revision generale

Q2_ W6_Chemistry_G10

Chapter 10/State of Matter (Kinetic Molecular Theory of Matter /Kinetic Molecular Theory of Gases/ Properties of Gases) H. W/Interactive on the lms 

Q2 _ W6_Chemistary_G11

Chapter 14/Acids and Bases. (Acids Nomenclature /Acids and Bases Properties/Acids and Bases Theories) H. W/Interactive on the lms. 


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